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The following letter is from Maggie Clarke, daughter of former Camp 59 prisoner Denis Crooks.

Maggie writes that this letter, “…is a bit of a mystery to us. It was included in with Dad’s letters, but is from someone called Eric who addressed the letter to ‘My dear Folks’ and signed it ‘Your loving son, Eric’. The letter is typed, which I would think is quite unusual but it looks quite old.

“It’s quite a sad story and I would love to find out more, but no idea where to start. As you will see, the letter is dated October 1943 which is when Dad was moved to Stalag IVG in Germany. I’m looking through the letters again to see if I can find any reference to any of the men mentioned, but no luck so far.”

Although the description of the post-armistice camp evacuation matches accounts from other prisoners, the date Eric gives of the escape is the night of September 12, whereas the actual date of the escape from Camp 59 was September 14. It may be that he simply got the date wrong. That Ron and Eric made it to the Allied lines in a little more than one month is impressive.

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