This notice sent to Denis Crook’s parents from the Army Signal Corps records office in Reeding—dated April 30, 1941—announced that Denis had been missing in action since April 8.

A second notice from Reeding—dated July 16—informed Denis’ parents that he is now a prisoner of war, “present address not yet known.”

The above preprinted postcard, signed by Denis and sent to his mother and dad, provides the following information:

“I am alright (I have not been wounded). I am a prisoner of the Italians and I am being treated well. Shortly I shall be transferred to a prisoner’s camp and I will let you have my new address. Only then I will be able to receive letters from you and to reply.”

A note penciled on the front of the card indicates the card was received on July 16, 1941—the same day the second notice was issued from Reeding.