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After his escape from Camp 59, gunner Robert Dickinson of the Royal Artillery spent time with an Italian family in Gassino in northern Italy. He joined the Partisans in October 1944, and fought with them against the German army until March 3, 1945, when he was mortally wounded. This article from the August 25, 1945 Lincolnshire Chronicle provides details of his death.


Robert Dickinson joined the Royal Artillery in 1938. Following the outbreak of the war, he saw action in France and the Middle East. He was taken captive in Libya in November 1941 and was sent to Camp 59 in January 1942.

A letter to Robert’s family from the “Officer in charge of Records” confirmed his POW status, and on February 20, 1942, an article in the Lincolnshire Echo provided the local community with news of Robert’s captivity.

This is a letter my Dad, Raymond Cox, wrote to a WWII vetern with whom he had served. He hand-wrote the letter himself sometime in the 1980’s. He always had me type the final draft.  He got the address for Edmond (?) from the POW Magazine, but, to my knowledge, never received a reply.

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